You can find the best painting video courses on YouTube

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Never before has painting been more accessible or easier to master. Video technology allows you to learn from some of the most talented teachers around the globe. For most students, top artists are either too costly or far to travel. The art world has get more info been revolutionized by video painting classes. There are many courses that may not be very good. So here are nine guidelines to help you pick the right one.

1. Video is essential for a painting course. A full video is needed, and not just a few videos to supplement a written text. Watching a professional perform this visually intense exercise will help you master it.

2. Video Production: There should be a lot of clear close-ups, and the production must have a well-planned structure.

3. Beginner to Advanced Lessons is a course designed for the beginner student who wants help setting up their studio. This course also provides him with the basic materials and equipment. Many courses are difficult for beginners. There should be a DVD that lets advanced artists choose what lesson they wish to watch.

4. Good instructors are experienced and highly-educated. They can be called accomplished artists. A good instructor should have the ability to instruct all levels of student. Many talented artists are unable to differentiate between novice students and experienced artists. This can cause them to become frustrated, confuse and quit art without reason.

5. It is important that the course teaches students how to use perspective, color theory, tone, why objects appear three-dimensional and other fundamentals of painting. You should learn the basics, like perspective, making objects appear 3D, color, and tone.

6. With your instructor, you should complete both exercises and completed paintings. You can get the wrong impression by watching the instructor while sitting on the floor with your arms crossed. It is impossible to master swimming without a good teacher.

7. The video lesson can be stopped almost anywhere within a course. Your instructor should give you ample opportunities to practice, or to go to the toilet.

8. If you want to learn, it should be enjoyable. Your teacher should interact and encourage your participation in fun ways. It could cause you to become bored, and your interest may be lost in the lesson. The fun factor is vital because it allows you to be open-minded and relaxed, which can allow for greater creativity.

9. The price ranges from $150 to $250 US dollars. The price ranges of $20 to $50 USD only cover a small number of topics.

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