Why not run a 5-second test on your Buy Here, Pay Here website?

Sunday , 18, June 2023 Leave a comment

Why not try a five-second test, read here? The purpose of this article is to test the BHPH landing page or home page and determine how people will react. You can find many answers by looking up the statistics on your website and at numbers. People can provide some unexpected answers. Try to find out where, how and why your website visitors arrive. You can get instant and real-time feedback by testing the site on real users.

Select some random volunteers. Preferably people who HAVE NOT visited your website before. They should sit in front of a screen and close their eyelids. Then, they can go to the home page. Then ask them to click on the icon that is important to them. TIME THEM… and see how long they take to locate what they’re looking for.

You should always ask yourself, do they go to your website voluntarily to where you’d like them to be? Your visitors should be clicking on additional pages. You want your customers to click through and go somewhere you’d like them to so that you can sell a vehicle.

Most people will leave your website if you are not watching. What can you do to improve your website to make it more user-friendly? It’s tough. It’s tough.

It is not necessary to have more than 5-10 participants. This poll is not scientific, it’s just meant to open your eyes. The results may surprise and inform you.

Charles Pompey owns DigAps.com as well as Car-Lotta Credit.

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