What to Know before Choosing a Plastic Surgery

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Making the decision to undergo plastic surgery may be difficult. The results of cosmetic surgery are often excellent and many patients love the outcome. The results are very positive. They gain more self-confidence. The renewed self-confidence may result in better work prospects or even a relationship. Other people may not be satisfied with their results. Selecting the best plastic surgeon fort myers can make a big difference. Plastic surgery is a growing field and there are many more doctors who have entered it to keep up with the demand. You should be aware that anyone can label themselves a plastic surgeon or cosmetic doctor.

You can start your search by asking your family physician or friends or relatives who have had successful surgery. Staff at hospitals, including nurses, anesthesiologists and surgeons can also be excellent referral sources. It may be worth doing some research in Yellow Pages or on the Internet. You will need to do some more research once you know who you are looking for. It is important that the surgeon performing your operation be not only a specialist or super-specialist, but also an expert in their field. A surgeon’s skills improve the more they perform that particular procedure. If you want to hire a surgeon, make sure that he or she has performed the procedure at least once a week for several years. A surgeon who has performed your procedure on a weekly basis or more for several years is the best choice.

Ask the doctor about the five most popular procedures he performs. Then, if the procedure you are looking for is not listed in their top five procedures, cross that doctor off of your list.

You will now:

The Board may discipline or accuse a doctor of misconduct. Or, a judge can temporarily restrict or suspend a physician’s practice.

Next, you should check your surgeon’s qualifications. The phrase “board certified” will be one of the more common ones you hear in relation to plastic surgery. It is a very vague statement. Medical boards are available in all specialties. Many of these medical boards are formed solely by doctors who want to claim “board-certified” status without meeting the standards set by the most reputable and established boards. Your plastic surgeon should be certified by a specific board.

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