What to do after a Police Stop For DUI

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Certain bad things happen to people who’re otherwise good. Perhaps you’ve made the mistake of drinking and driving and been charged, but it might happen that you was in the wrong spot and at the wrong time. Either way, if you require the services of a Chester County DUI lawyer, you must contact one who competent, local and knowledgeable of Pennsylvania DUI laws. Take certain actions after you have been stopped by a police officer for suspicion of DUI prior to contacting an attorney, additional info?

It’s essential to find out whether police officers saw behavior which led officers to conclude that the driver was under impaired. Do police officers have the ability to observe signs of alcoholism for instance, a driver that was speeding? Did the police stop occur during a DUI checkpoint? Was the suspect responsible for an accident? This is vital information since if a police officer makes an arrest without a good motive, charges could be dismissed and the evidence smuggled away. Some signs that are commonly employed by police officers to establish if someone was drinking include:

Wide turn radius.

The line that runs through the road sign is crossed

“Appearing to be”drunk”


The speed limit is 10 mph more than the speed limit.

No reason for stopping at the middle of the highway

Braking in a wildly unpredictable manner

Anyone stopped in the event of the suspicion of DUI will not be required to reply to any questions which are intended to implicate. For traffic stops one can seek out a attorney. Do not be belligerent or inconsiderate with the officer(s), your ideal course of action is to maintain a calm, professional attitude. There may be no way to speak to an attorney immediately. However, if you make your request known to the policeman, they will be less likely to question the subject prior to your arrest.

It is your right to decline a field sobriety test or a blood/urine test to determine if you’ve had a drink. But, a refusal can be perceived as admitting guilt and could result in negative implications.

After you are arrested for DUI After being arrested, DUI legal counsel of Phildelphia will assist you and protect your rights. DUI violations within Pennsylvania are divided into three groups based on blood alcohol levels (BAC). BAC levels between 0.08 percent and 0.10% fall in the lower level. For BACs that range from 0.11% – 0.16% fall in the middle level. Any BAC that is higher than 0.16 percentage place the defendant on the higher stage. Each tier has its own mandatory penalties that are associated to the tier. To fully understand the penalties and the way they have an impact on you, it’s essential to consult an Chester County DUI lawyer that has expertise in dealing with these kinds of matters. This could be an option within the Assisted Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program pre-trial intervention programs to non-violent offenders who do not have a prior record, to avoid jail time and have the license suspended for just 3 months, which is much lower than the time it takes when you are convicted of DUI.

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