Unlocking Mysteries, Exploring The Fascinating Tarot Decks

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Tarot Decks with their enigmatic meanings and ancient origins have been captivating people for hundreds of years. This intricate collection of cards has been used to predict the future and for divination. But they are much more. In https://www.discountnewagebooks.com/Tarot-Decks_c_57.html we will explore the history and structure of tarot cards, along with the various ways in which they are used.

Origins of Tarot Decks

The origins and development of the tarot are still unknown. It is believed that the first known decks originated in Italy, in Northern Italy. In the beginning, tarots cards were used not for fortune-telling purposes but to play card games such as modern bridge. In the 18th Century, tarot card readings began.


Standard tarot cards consist of 78 playing cards divided into Major Arcana, and Minor Arcana.

Arcana Major: There are 22 of the most powerful cards, with each one bearing its own name and symbol. Major Arcana are cards that represent life’s major experiences and spiritual lessons.

Minor Arcana Minor Arcana comprises 56 cards divided in four suits: Wands/Cups/Swords/Pentacles. Each suit has ten court cards (Page through King) and ten number cards (Ace through 10). These cards represent more mundane matters, such as fire, earth, air and water.

Tarot for More Than Fortune Telling

The tarot can do more than just predict the future. There are many ways you can explore the world tarot.

Reflection and Mediation: Many people use tarot as a tool for reflection and mediation. Draw a card and reflect on its meaning each day to gain insight into thoughts, emotions, or personal growth.

Tarot Tarot can inspire creativity. Many writers, musicians and artists use cards to stimulate their creativity. Interpreting the stories and images within the cards allows them to find new and innovative ideas.

Problem-Solving & Decision-Making There are some individuals who turn to Tarot cards for help when they face difficult situations or choices. Cards can be used to provide different viewpoints or help the user explore all their options.

Tarot for Spiritual Exploration: Tarot could be useful to anyone who is on a path of spiritual discovery. This tool can be used to connect with intuition, discover spiritual themes, or deepen one’s knowledge of oneself and the universe.

Selecting Tarot Deck

Selecting a tarot is an extremely personal decision. Many decks are available with their own artwork and symbols. If you are choosing a new deck, take into consideration the following:

Artistic Style: There are many styles of Tarot decks, from classical and traditional to modern and abstract. You should choose a tarot deck that matches your aesthetic taste.

Attention to symbolism: Look for the symbols and images in the card. Different decks might emphasize different themes or influences. Look for a symbolism that resonates with you.

Relationship: It is important to have a connection with your Tarot deck intuitively. Then, when you’re ready, put the deck together and hold it. See if there is a feeling of connection. You should trust your gut instincts to choose a card deck that is suitable for you.

Conclusion: Tarot decks are an exciting journey to self-discovery. They can also be used for creative exploration and spiritual growth. The versatility of the tarot allows for a variety of creative and personal explorations. If you are drawn to the tarot deck for divination, or just want to reflect and be inspired by it, this intricate set has much to offer.

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