The Art of Hand-Washing Rugs

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Certain tasks in the world of home maintenance and cleaning require an extra touch. This is similar to the care and precision seen with carpet cleaning services north shore, read this! One such task is hand-washing delicate carpets. This art form combines traditional methods with attention to detail to ensure these pieces of value are preserved for many years.

Understanding the material of the rug is essential. Care is required for delicate rugs made from silk, antique fibers or wool. The material of the rug will help you choose the best cleaning agent and technique to preserve its integrity and colour.

Dusting your rug before washing is important. The dust and dirt that is embedded into the rug’s fibers will turn to mud when washed, which makes the job more difficult. The rug can be gently beaten or brushed with a soft bristled brush.

The first step is to choose the best cleaning solution. Delicate fibers can be damaged by harsh chemicals, which is why pH-neutral, mild detergents are recommended. Test the solution in a hidden area to ensure that the dyes or damages will not occur.

Washing should be done gently. The cleaning solution should be applied with a gentle sponge or brush in light dabbing movements, to avoid damaging the fibres. Then, rinse thoroughly with water in order to get rid of any remaining soap. The water should not be too hot as this can lead to shrinkage and fading.

The drying step is equally important after washing. The delicate rugs shouldn’t be wrung as it can cause them to lose their shape. They should instead be placed flat, on a dry, clean surface away from sunlight that can fade the rug. The rug will dry evenly if you flip it periodically.

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