Selecting the Best Medicinal mushrooms supplements

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Individuals have enjoyed the benefits of medicinal mushroom for many centuries. It is known that certain mushroom species possess properties which boost immunity, combat illness, inflammation and infection and manage the unpleasant effects of medication such as chemotherapy. Current research is exploring how mushrooms reduce the growth of tumors. Some medicinal mushroom species that are popular include Cordyceps mushrooms, Cordysh, Shiitake mushrooms, and chaga. You can see soulcybin for more information.

Medicinal supplements, teas and tinctures are all being created to harness the healing properties of mushrooms. Online sellers offer many different types of medicinal mushrooms extracts, including capsules and tablet forms. You should consult with your doctor first to find out the correct dosage and type of mushroom supplement for you. It’s also important to be cautious when selecting the vendor from which to purchase medicinal mushrooms supplements.

Mushrooms are not digestible by humans. It is believed that the therapeutic qualities of a mushroom are enclosed in chitin-based mushroom cells. Chitin cannot be degraded by digestion enzymes. Hot water extraction is the only way to fully obtain a mushroom’s medicinal properties. Extraction breaks down the chitin to release active ingredients in a mushroom, while maintaining their structure and potency. Unextracted supplements are dried ground mushrooms or those that have been cultivated in grain.

The primary ingredient in all mushrooms is polysaccharides. Labels will list the level of polysaccharides in each dosage if you buy medicinal mushrooms that have been heated water extracted. The levels are usually between 14 and 60%. The polysaccharide concentration cannot be calculated if supplements have not been extracted because the polysaccharides are still trapped within the cells. Labels would not include the levels of active ingredients.

You can learn a lot about the potency of mushroom products by reading their labels. Unextracted mushroom supplements are usually labeled as “Mushroom Mycelium”, Mycelium powder, or Mushroom POWDER”. These supplements are made from mushroom powders that have been dried and then encapsulated. Oft, the active ingredients in these products aren’t listed.

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