Roof Restoration Basics

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The three most important needs of human beings are: shelter, food, and clothing additional reading. Your home is where it all happens, but your roof is what provides shelter. For your family’s safety and the protection of your possessions, it is important that your roof remains in good condition throughout the year. As with all aspects of a home, even the most meticulous homeowners will need to repair and restore their roof. As the main structural element of your home, your roof protects you from the weather and helps to insulate it from heat and cold. Roof restoration consists of periodic maintenance, inspections, cleaning and repairs.

Inspecting and Maintaining

Maintaining the roof is an excellent way to ensure its protection. Preventative actions can help to avoid major roof repairs or replacement. Inspecting your roof fixtures, checking for any damage, and making sure that the roofing structure is up to standard are all important steps. The use of a professional roof inspector is highly recommended. Only an experienced roofer has the knowledge and skill to identify problems before they occur.


The roof, like the gutters should be kept free of debris. The collection of leaves, branches and other debris on your roofing can have a negative impact on the structure of your roof. This is especially true if your home has many tall trees. Moisture collects as organic material decays. This can cause your roofing to begin to rot. Most experts recommend you clean your roof no less than twice a yearly to ensure its longevity. Likewise, the accumulation of moss mold and mildew may also have a detrimental effect on your roofing system.


Even the most attentive homeowner will eventually need roof repairs. Your family’s health is at greater risk if your roof is dilapidated than you realize. Regular inspections will help you to identify minor problems before they become major ones. Often, however, these inspections reveal that your roof is damaged or has decayed. This means you should have your roofer perform the necessary repairs.

It is important to remember that roof restoration can be a huge project, in particular for old roofs. Schedule your roofing inspections late in the summer or early in the fall so you can make repairs if necessary. In some cases, roof work may require multiple sessions. You do not want your house and valuables exposed to harsh conditions during winter. Lastly, it is also important to budget properly for major repairs. The cost of a roof restoration can be high, so it is recommended to set aside a little each year.

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