Moldavite – The mineral that is the source of jewelry.

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Moldavite may have originated from the impact of meteorites millions of years before in the Moldau River area of Czech Republic. An impact from a meteorite can cause a shockwave powerful enough to fuse and melt adjacent rocks. It is this method that produces rock called impact glass. The extreme heat, pressure and collision creates impact glass. Moldavite has been formed in the Moldau valley by a collision with a crashing meteorite, check this out!

While the age of moldavite cannot be determined with certainty, its estimated age ranges between 14 million and 15 millions years. A meteorite believed to be responsible for the formation of moldavite caused a crater 20 miles wide. Massive amounts of debris were also released into the upper atmosphere. These eventually fell back to Earth, forming tektites. As a result of a collision between a meteorite and the Earth’s surface, tiny shards known as “tektites” are formed. The tektites usually have a black, brown or gray color. They’re often found at the edges of impact craters. Moldavite has a distinctive green color that makes it different than other tektites.

Moldavite’s properties make it a popular choice for spiritual pursuits and meditation. According to some, it has an energy powerful enough to aid spiritual development and transformation. The stone is believed to be beneficial for both physical and psychological rehabilitation.

Moldavite may cost more than you think. Purchase moldavite only from reliable sources to guarantee you get a real stone. As the market has a lot of copycat moldavite available, it is crucial to research your supplier and buy only from reliable ones. Due to its meteorite-impact glass origins, this stone is unique and fascinating. Moldavite, a fascinating stone, will enhance mental health and spiritual practice or add to your unique collection.

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