Have Style? You Can Try 4 Different Types Of Art Styles

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Artists have a wide range of art styles. Art styles can be classified into different categories, such as realism and abstraction. We’ll be looking at 4 art styles that are common and how they appear in this article.

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It is not just about how the art looks. The different types of art can influence the perspective,Guest posting techniques and inspiration that lead to that piece of art.

It is true that each artist’s style is unique, but many artists align themselves with one or more of the various art styles. This post will cover 4 types of art style that are popular among artists. It’s not a complete list but you can get an idea how artists are inspired to come up with their own styles.

Let’s get started.

1. Multicultural Art

Kristen Ali Eglinton defines multiculturalism as:

Study of non-Western cultures and their artistic endeavors.

This is a very diverse art form that has a wide range of possible outcomes, influences, and settings. Here are some examples that will help you get an idea.

Siona Benjamin, a talented multicultural artist, draws her inspiration from the Jewish and Indian cultures she grew up in. From her artwork and other pieces, you can tell that Siona Benjamin is inspired by her Jewish and Indian heritage.

Yinkashonibare, another multi-cultural artist is Yinka. A British-Nigerian born and raised in Nigeria, Shonibare is a multicultural artist. His style and artwork have been greatly influenced by both of these places. Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle features a copy of Lord Nelson’s HMS Victory. This is probably Shonibare’s best-known work.

Shonibare’s beautiful patterned sails were inspired by Indonesian and West African culture. According to the symbolism, it represents “colonialism”, industrialization, emigration and cultural appropriation.

2. Abstract Art

Abstract art, according to The Tate Art Institution is defined as “artwork that doesn’t attempt to accurately represent a real-life visual but rather uses forms, shapes, colours and gestural marks in order to create its effect.”

In order to produce abstract art which is interesting and skillful, you need creativity and originality. Everyone can call their work abstract but it may not resonate with other people.

Jackson Pollock created many abstract works, including his painting Convergence from 1952. Cy Twombly’s Leda and the Swan from 1962 is also an abstract masterpiece.

It is a very free-form and diverse art form, since its sole basis relies on the creativity and imagination of the artist. Abstract art is free and allows the artist to create what they like.

3. Impressionism

Impressionism was born in the late 19th century. It is characterised by:

– The world is depicted with small, light strokes

Brighter colours

– Capturing different snapshots or impressions.

Claude Monet’s most popular impressionist artworks include landscapes and natural beauty.

Women in the Garden (1860), Boulevard des Capucines (1873), Woman with a Parasol (1975), and Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies(1899) perfectly capture the impressionist and soft natural beauty Monet sought.

4. Photorealism

You might be able to guess this from the word photorealism. It is an artwork (usually a painting or sculpture), that seems as realistic as a photograph. The artists study photos of locations, people and events in order to recreate them perfectly.

It can take them hours, even days, to produce art that is a perfect replica of a photograph in another medium.

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