DUI Penalties And Your Seattle DUI Fort Myers

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Seattle DUIs can have serious effects. These could include the possibility of jail time, probation, suspended driving privileges as well as a criminal record. If you are arrested for DUI in Seattle it is possible to face a number of penalties that will be automatically enforced. This could result in an effect on your day-to-day existence unless you engage a Seattle DUI Fort Myers lawyer to help you prove the innocence of you, or bargain down the charges. Check this out!

Mandatory Minimum DUI Penalties

Washington State has mandated minimum penalty for people who have been found guilty of DUI. These penalties depend upon the fact that you were convicted of having a DUI before as well as what your BAC was at the time of your arrest. For example, for someone who has had no previous offenses or whose BAC is below .15, the minimum penalties include 24 consecutive hours prison time as well as the payment of a $350.00 fine.

A BAC lower than.15 in the case of someone who previously been convicted of a crime will mean a minimum 25-day jail sentence as well as an additional 90-day house detention. A maximum fine of $750 is imposed. An earlier offense could be previous DUI convictions or reckless driving. It could also include prior vehicle assaults or murder convictions.

When you’re BAC is more than.15 or you have more convictions in your history, the penalties and fines rapidly become more severe. A person with two prior convictions as well as who has a BAC above .15, for instance will be sentenced to 120 days in jail and another 150 days in house arrest and a fine of $1500.

Even if it is your first DUI incident, you’ll nonetheless be required to set up an ignition interlock on your car.

As these sanctions are compulsory minimums, a judge must use them regardless of circumstances that led to your DUI. If you’re found guilty, you will have no other options.

Need Help to Get Help for an Seattle DUI Fort Myers

Seattle DUI Fort Myers is competent to reduce or even avoid DUI penalties for most DUI cases.

There is a chance that you will be deemed innocent or have your charges dropped without facing any penalty if the Seattle DUI Fort Myers can successfully defend you against DUI. If it’s not feasible, the Seattle DUI Fort Myers may aid in the negotiation of a deal that will obtain the lowest amount of penalties.

Call your Seattle DUI Fort Myers to learn how you can minimize any serious consequences that may be assessed to your DUI.

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