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What a wonderful way to let your creativity flow through painting! The ability to see the beauty in the world, and translate that onto canvas, is truly a gift. They are gifted with the ability to create art. It is possible to learn new skills and techniques. For example, learning how to sketch a portrait or landscape will allow you to explore a whole new world. More about the author?

Over the years many books and videos have helped potential artists on their way. In order to pass on their knowledge and show off their skills, artists have created how-to books. Internet technology allows you to buy art classes online, download them as ebooks and even watch videos. As there is no need to send anything, the courses are very cost-effective. You can also get instant access.

If you decide it is not for you, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee. With nothing to lose and everything to win, this is the perfect opportunity to learn how to create beautiful paintings.

Online art classes will cover:

1) The difference between the different types of paints such as acrylics, oils, watercolors, pastels etc.

1) The types of brushes, knives and other tools that are available for adding to media, as well as their uses.

There are many art terms, such as cross-hatching, impasto or scribble.

Learn how to use different types of art media, including their advantages and disadvantages. Also, learn to blend the various materials when painting.

5 How to paint outside and why a collection of photos can prove useful.

6) Learn how to paint in perspective.

7) Light, Tone and Color are Important

8) Drawing people, animal, or nude portraits and how capture motion.

9) When things go wrong, what to do?

10). How to be fun and creative!

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