Carpets’ role in maintaining indoor air quality

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Ever walked into a space and felt a breath fresh air or the exact opposite, important link? You might be surprised to learn that the first thing you inhale can tell you more than you thought about a room’s cleanliness. You may not have known that the carpet you are breathing could contain an undercover agent. Our friends from carpet cleaning Killara will shed light on the mystery.

Imagine your carpet like a gigantic air filter. The carpet in your home is more than just a place to play with your pets or your toddlers. It also acts as a protector for the air you breathe. Your carpet fibers can act as a trap for allergens and dust. It needs cleaning regularly, just as any filter.

The dirty carpet may actually have the ability to reverse its function. The carpet can actually reverse its role, releasing particles back into the atmosphere with each step. Indoor air quality (IAQ), which is a measure of indoor comfort, health and well-being, can be negatively affected by carpeting. IAQ can be compared to an invisible weather report for the indoors that affects comfort, well-being, and health.

The carpet cleaners in Killara are experts at this. The experts know vacuuming regularly is important, but skipping dentist appointments would be like not brushing your teeth and still going to the gym. A professional cleaner can remove the embedded dirt that is impossible to reach with a standard vacuum.

It’s poetic and a good reminder to breathe clean air. Although no house can (or should) be sterilized, maintaining clean carpets will improve your breathing.

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