Carpet Cleaning Calendar: The timing of your carpet cleaning is crucial!

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A freshly-cleaned carpet brings such joy! A freshly cleaned carpet gives you a similar feeling to getting into a fresh-made bed and drinking that first cup of morning coffee. It’s a big question. Like a stubborn wine stain, it lingers. The carpet timeline can be solved with a little common sense and the expertise of carpet cleaning Gordon – check this out!

1. The general Rule of Thumb

Schedule a carpet deep clean once a year if you are a normal household. This is assuming there are no unexpected accidents or pets. The dirt that gets trapped between your vacuuming and regular cleaning will be removed.

2. Are you a parent? It’s time to Amp Up Your Kids

It’s no secret that children are a joy, but the truth is they can also be messy. With young children you may want to clean the carpet every six month.

3. You Pet Owners: Take note!

Our furry companions are great, but because they also bring dirt and pet hair from outdoors into our homes, we recommend that pet owners have their carpets thoroughly cleaned at least 3 to four times each year.

4. Highways and High-Traffic Areas

Think about cleaning the areas that receive a steady stream of people – hallways or stairs. The carpet will last longer and look better.

5. Special Circumstances

Sometimes, the world throws us curveballs. Waiting too long to clean up a spill or an accident is a bad idea. It’s best to call professionals right away to help you avoid any permanent damage.

6. Allergic? Here’s what you need to know

Cleaning carpets on a regular basis can reduce the symptoms of allergies. Carpet cleaning may help to alleviate allergy symptoms for someone living in your house.

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