Canvas Without Borders, Global Exhibition of Innovative Painting Technologies

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Art is diverse, endless and always changing click for source. Global art is a mix of techniques from Renaissance brushstrokes to digital art in the 21st century. Melbourne’s rich culture inspires artists to use global traditions. In our quest for creativity, we travel the globe to find painting techniques that challenge imagination and expertise.

Sumi, or Japanese inkwash painting, is a form of expression that expresses subject matter with simplicity and depth. Zen Buddhist brushstrokes are as important as ink and paper to bring out the artist’s breath and movement. Sumi artists can bring plants, animals, and landscapes to life using minimal strokes and control.

Ethiopian Coptic art is rooted deeply in religious history and tradition. These paintings, with their vivid colors and fine detail, depict biblical scenes and saints. Coptic art is distinguished by its visual language that combines symbolism with a unique style handed down through the generations.

Italy’s frescoes are famous throughout Europe. For millennia, pigment has been applied to wet walls in churches, residences, and public buildings. Fresco painting is a beautiful and challenging art form. It requires the artist to work quickly, accurately and before the plaster has dried.

Mexican Muralism was a major influence on public art in America during the 20th Century. Diego Rivera and JosClemente Orozco combined native and European techniques to produce dramatic, large scale murals that spoke about social and politcal issues. The mural movement spread around the world, demonstrating how art can influence society.

Indigenous Aboriginal painters use dot painting in Australia to tell stories and transmit lore. This method creates beautiful artworks by using intricate patterns of dots. They depict the relationship that exists between people, land, and spirituality. Aboriginal dot-painting is a way of communicating without words, revealing one of the oldest cultures on earth.

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