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Are you a working artist? Would you like to develop into a highly skilled and respected artist? Would you like to do better work? read here?

If you are a floral painter do you also want to paint bar scenes? Or maybe you’re a Manga or Science Fiction artist. While some people know from the beginning, others only discover their talents in adulthood. Some people learn information by themselves, while others attend four-year arts schools. Other students prefer taking art classes Melbourne and art courses from time to again. Others learn using art texts, art videos, or by working with other artists.

Some claim that in order to better their work, they should use better brushes. Many art teachers tell their students to “add some blue here.” No, it’s not your brushes. There’s no need to use the tiny blue. Sure, you could improve the light where you normally paint or sketch. The art education for some people is missing the basics of painting.

Below is a comprehensive list of fundamentals for drawing and painting.

1. Do a regular drawing practice. Always keep a blank artists’ sketch book on you, and always draw whatever you see. You could also read up on drawing techniques and practise, practice, practicing. It is only through practicing that you can become an artist.

2. Recognize that all is formed. A sphere holds an orange or apple. A cylinder contains the trunk of a large tree. In an egg is the human skull…

3. LIGHT AND SHADOWS: The physical transformation of an entity across its surface is dependent on the lighting, its form and local color. Imagine that you “paint”, for instance, a word picture of an Orange on a Table. Assuming that the primary light comes from an intense warm source above and behind to the right, and the orange is in the center of this light’s path. From the viewpoint of the observer, these are the colors and values:

Rich orange

Agile. Less orange. Orange yellow/white exposed a bit more.

As the color gets deeper, the color sensitivity decreases toward the darker side of the shade.

It gets gradually cooler and darker on the side that is in shadow.

As you move away from the sun, shades become less intense and tend towards maroon orange or alizarin red orange.

As the top table reflects some light, it causes the shadow to become lighter toward the right.

Followed by the shadow created on the tabletop from the orange.

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