An Olfactory Journey into ESNC Perfumery Men’s essence

Saturday , 30, September 2023 Leave a comment

You’ve experienced it – entering a room, and making an impact without saying a thing. It’s all about a good man’s perfume more bonuses. But not just any fragrance. I’m referring here to the carefully crafted fragrances of ESNC Perfumery. This collection was created for the modern gentleman and is full of sophistication and elegance. We invite you to embark on an olfactory experience through their unrivalled range.

Imagine walking in a misty wood at dawn. Mystic Pine, a signature ESNC scent, captures that essence. With its heady blends of pine, cedarwood and earthy undertones, it instantly transports to nature. The perfect scent for Sunday mornings as you sip your coffee and reflect on life.

Metropolitan Muse comes next. This scent is an ode the city’s bustling life. A hint of leather is mixed with a sweet vanilla scent and a splash of bergamot, giving it a refreshing kick. It’s like walking down an avenue full of people with the entire world at your fingertips.

Ocean’s Whisper calls all beach lovers. This scent is a combination of tropical coconut, amber and the freshness of sea breeze. It’s like a beach vacation in a glass, ready and waiting to transport you anywhere you choose.

Golden Dusk is a scent for men who love mystery. The scent is a combination of the deep, smoky fragrance of oud with the richness and warmth of patchouli. It’s lavish, opulent, and exudes luxury. It feels like a plush velvet wrap.

Zen Zephyr. Zen Zephyr reminds you of a serene Japanese garden. This fragrance is a blend of the soothing aroma of bamboo and subtle notes of white-tea and cherry flowers.

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