Accepting the Chaos: New Parenthood’s Rollercoaster Ride

Friday , 29, March 2024 Leave a comment

Oh, baby! It’s a new Baby! Get ready, buttercup. This is going to be an exciting ride. Not just the coffee addiction that comes from a lack of sleep. It’s more of an adventure than a ride on a merrygo-round.

Firstly, lets talk about those first days. Remember those days where time seems to morph into a bizarre soup? Yes, I remember those days. It’s your main job to change diapers, feed and comfort the baby. Spoiler: there are times when nothing is the reason. They are wild, unpredictable babies.

The next phase is the smile. It’s not the gas induced smiles, but instead a genuine one because they were happy to see you. This hits you hard, isn’t it. Now, those sleepless evenings seem almost worth it.

You’ll be surprised to see how quickly they move. The milestones are like levels of the sweetest videogame ever.

A feeding is an adventure in itself. Peas may be their favorite one day and the enemy of another. Let’s not get started with solids. We’ll just say that your kitchen is going to look like it was taken from a movie.

Here’s a discussion about babbling. These are their very first attempts at communicating, and they sound like an alien is negotiating. If they ever say, “Mama”, “Dapa” and other words like that, my eyes will start to bleed.

Parents are not only responsible for their children’s well-being, they’re also on a self improvement course. Patience? Check. Are you able to perform with minimal sleep and still function? Double-check. What if you could sing as many nursery rhymes before going insane? Triple check.

It’s the moments you don’t expect – like watching your child sleep, after an extreme tantrum.

Yes, you will have to deal with some tough situations – food allergies that are difficult to understand or public meltdowns wherein one wishes for an invisibility cloth. You’ll also get endless advice from people who are convinced they have the best knowledge (thanks but not thanks).

It’s amazing how watching them discover things for the first makes everything magical.

It is true, having children can turn your entire world upside down. This new perspective on life is fascinating. You can’t help but be amazed.

We toast this crazy adventure we call parenthood. The adventure of parenthood is a great one! It’s important to remember that every good adventure begins when you step out of your comfort area – and in this instance, click out.

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