Academic Stunts: Achieving Success in Online Education with Ethics

Tuesday , 2, April 2024 Leave a comment

Let’s take a look at a topic that is hotter than – paying for someone to educate you online. Yes, you read that correctly. You can think of it as hiring a stuntman to assist you in your academic career. Sounds crazy? Maybe. But it happens more than you might think.

Imagine the following: You are overwhelmed at work and your dog ate all your homework. This is a classic excuse but let’s go with it. And you have an online class that must be completed yesterday. What should you do in this situation? Some people choose to spend money on the problem. Then they find someone who is an expert on the topic and tell them, “Here are my money and my login information.” Make me appear smart.”

It might look like a good deal at first glance. You can relax and binge watch your favorite show while someone else takes care of the deadlines and assignments. But wait – shouldn’t learning be all about… well… learning?

Let’s get it down.

First, we have the issue of fairness. Remember when a kid would copy everyone on tests in school? It feels very similar, but has a modern twist. It’s a total reversal of the notion of merit and hard work.

There’s also the growth you’re not getting. Education isn’t about collecting Pokemon cards like diplomas; it’s more about pushing yourself to the limit, growing your brain, and finding out what interests you.

But wait! Let’s not start blaming anyone and pointing fingers. Instead, let us consider why this trend has gained so much momentum.

The modern world is akin to trying to juggle chainsaws on fire while riding unicycles over Niagara Falls. To say that it’s complicated would be an understatement. Some people work jobs and raise families, while others upgrade their skills to ensure they are not replaced by AI named Bob.

Some people are stuck in a situation where they feel like paying for their own education is the only solution.

Consider this: instead of outsourcing your brain, why not look for alternative solutions? Time management apps, study groups and professors who are human can all be helpful.

After all, education is more than just a piece of paper. It’s about sparking that inner fire that says “I did it!” Sure, shortcuts can be tempting, especially when you are knee-deep with assignments and your life’s chaos.

But don’t forget – come easy, go easy. How about the satisfaction of overcoming these challenges head on? The satisfaction of overcoming those challenges is much more lasting than a grade or certificate.

The next time you think about hiring a stunt double to help with your studies, perhaps take a step and ask yourself “What am I here for?” If the goal is to get through with little effort, you might as well try your hand at a tightrope over Niagara Falls. It doesn’t make the journey more enjoyable or fulfilling.

It’s faster than you can say, “Do Not Disturb.” smack in the middle of memories that are just waiting to happen.

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